It was only one word.

It was only one word.

It was a one word gut punch I never saw coming. The fog it caused along with the momentum it stole caught me off guard. It was only one word. How could it have been so jarring? And, the kicker…it wasn’t even spoken to me! To top it off, the person who launched the...

3 Lessons I Learned about Faith from my Dog

Have you ever noticed how God can use our everyday situations, the common place things we often over look to teach us His lessons? Returning from the Speak Up Conference in Grand Rapids the other day, my dog’s enthusiastic welcome home reminded me of one of my...

How Radio Static Changed How I Think.

At the risk of aging myself, I’m going to take you back a few years – back to a time when cars didn’t have Bluetooth connections to cell phones or MP3s. Cars didn’t have 6 CD changers or even CD players at all. If you were lucky, you had a radio and...
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