Finding the Unexpected in a Pile of Puzzle Pieces

Finding the Unexpected in a Pile of Puzzle Pieces

I had a surge of optimism as we dumped the box of colorful pieces on our kitchen table. Despite it having been years since the last time I did a puzzle, I eagerly embraced the challenge. I welcomed the family time together, free from the tempting distractions of cell...
It was only one word.

It was only one word.

It was a one word gut punch I never saw coming. The fog it caused along with the momentum it stole caught me off guard. It was only one word. How could it have been so jarring? And, the kicker…it wasn’t even spoken to me! To top it off, the person who launched the...

5 Ways Life is Like a New Recipe

This morning I caught myself idea shopping on Pinterest. I’ll be honest, some weeks I’m totally lacking ideas when it comes time to make our family’s menu and grocery list. I get stuck in a rut with the same once-good, now-a-bit-too-often-sad recipes. Have you been...

Danger! What you need before it’s too late!

I only looked away for a second. What could go wrong?. Standing at the stove in my quaint little kitchen I was in the familiar, the safely of my home. I’d stood in this exact spot so many times before that on any other day, it would have gone unremembered. But I...
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