3 Traps that will Keep You Stuck

3 Traps that will Keep You Stuck

There’s something about the arrival of sunny days and warmer weather that brings hope – especially in the northeast where we had a foot of snow just ten days ago. The birds are chirping, the sky is blue, and people are smiling. This week’s drastic change in...

What the Scale Told Me About My Self Worth

“Step on the scale,” the nurse said cheerily. “Do I have to?” I silently protested on the inside. Bundled in necessary winter layers, I tried to tell myself whatever number came up was the result of my seasonal fashion choices. I knew better. I knew that the few...

The Message I Found in a Bottle

I raised my hammer above the unsuspecting bottle wrapped in several layers of thick paper bags. A plastic bag was the outer layer. With one swooping motion, I swung down hitting the bottle. Thud. Nothing more. It took several strikes before the impact shattered the...
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