Other Duties as Assigned – a Messy Life Lesson

Other Duties as Assigned – a Messy Life Lesson

I was squeamish as I slid the thin cardboard beneath the overturned bowl. After considering my options, I had exhausted any other possible course of action. This was necessary. I carefully applied pressure to the bowl as to not upset it with my motion. I really didn’t...

What the Scale Told Me About My Self Worth

“Step on the scale,” the nurse said cheerily. “Do I have to?” I silently protested on the inside. Bundled in necessary winter layers, I tried to tell myself whatever number came up was the result of my seasonal fashion choices. I knew better. I knew that the few...

The Message I Found in a Bottle

I raised my hammer above the unsuspecting bottle wrapped in several layers of thick paper bags. A plastic bag was the outer layer. With one swooping motion, I swung down hitting the bottle. Thud. Nothing more. It took several strikes before the impact shattered the...
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