The Surprise I Found at the Bottom

The Surprise I Found at the Bottom

I tilted the container to get a better look. Something was hiding in the grey cement-like sludge at the bottom. I had already run my fingers through the thick muck to pull out each piece of glass that had sunk to the bottom of my rock tumbler. Hoping to get a better...
What Baseball Taught Me About Life

What Baseball Taught Me About Life

Living in the north, nothing says it’s spring more than the welcome lack of snow in my yard and of course the start of little league baseball. Seeing all the recent Facebook posts of little league parades and munchkins in their uniforms brings back heart-warming...

7 Holiday Survival Tips

Copyright:sandralise /123RF Stock Photo Can you feel it? There’s been a palpable change in the air…it’s almost as though you can tangibly feel the holiday excitement.  With growing to-do lists, and plans still taking shape, it takes conscious effort not to get swept...

5 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Storms of Life

I recently stumbled upon a post I had previously written about wisdom for life’s storms. Dealing with the loss of my dad and coming to terms that this will be the first Father’s Day without him, I appreciated these encouraging “nuggets” myself. For this week’s blog,...
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