It was only one word.

It was only one word.

It was a one word gut punch I never saw coming. The fog it caused along with the momentum it stole caught me off guard. It was only one word. How could it have been so jarring? And, the kicker…it wasn’t even spoken to me! To top it off, the person who launched the...

The Message I Found in a Bottle

I raised my hammer above the unsuspecting bottle wrapped in several layers of thick paper bags. A plastic bag was the outer layer. With one swooping motion, I swung down hitting the bottle. Thud. Nothing more. It took several strikes before the impact shattered the...

Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Grief

Copyright: rck953 /123RFPhoto The arena filled with a buzz from the chatter of more than 10,000 women gathered for a two day conference. Each time a speaker took the stage, a hush fell over the crowd. But, as soon as there was even the smallest break in the program,...
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